A BIM Geneva commission. First performed September 2014, with Mai-Thu Perret, Beatrice Dillon and Anja Schmidt. To travel internationally in 2015, with a limited edition vinyl release on Villa Magica Records.

For BIM 2014, Perret has conceived Figures, a performance featuring a life-sized marionette whose body will be animated by dancer Anja Schmidt and whose voice will be provided by singer Tamara Barnett-Herrin. The staging recalls the Japanese style of puppetry bunraku, in which the bodies of the manipulators appear onstage beside the doll, offering the audience a parallel performance of actual bodies in motion. In addition to Barnett-Herrin and Schmidt, Perret and musician Beatrice Dillon will complete the cast of collaborators who will pilot the marionette through a range of transformations, following threads such as the place of women in the development of artificial intelligence and visionary states of dissociation from one’s body achieved via meditation and ritualistic trance.



Photography by Annik Wetter



Anja Schmidt performing ‘Figures’ at Angelic Sisters: 186f Kepler, Chiesa San Paolo Converso, Milan.



i-D magazine Italia on The Angelic Sisters project, with Mai-Thu Perret interview and show pix

Villa Magica white vinyl EP ‘Figures’ now available